3 Ways to Show Up Authentically

I am happy to share my article about showing up authentically, which was recently published in Mantra Wellness Magazine. A lot has been said about the importance of showing up authentically and how living our authentic self creates a meaningful life.

It’s liberating and engaging to live from our core, dare to show up authentically, and be vulnerable. However, this aim is also challenging, and is a skill that we need to practice and nourish. Living authentically means connecting to my core values and beliefs and living in alignment with them.

Three Ways to Show Up, Authentically:

1. The first step in being authentic is connecting ourselves by practicing mindfulness and understanding what you are feeling in each moment.

2. The second step is to allow space for your emotions to exist and acknowledge them.

3. The third step that will bring you closer to living authentically is to dare to speak your truth.


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