Bridging Academia and Industry: Embracing the Triple Bottom Line at Clariter’s Innovative Conference
Bridging Academia and Industry: Embracing the Triple Bottom Line at Clariter's Innovative Conference

Yesterday, I participated in a conference representing the new paradigm ❣️ led and initiated by Ran J. Sharon , entrepreneur and CEO of Clariter, in collaboration with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Sustainability, and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

The conference invited partnerships between academia and industry, between industry and nature and the environment. This is the new leadership, leadership that does not only focus on the bottom line but embraces the broader concept of the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, Profit.

It was an innovative, thought-provoking, and inspiring conference. From the exposure to all the startups and new industries, it felt like science fiction and the future are already here 💫😊.

It was interesting to meet an old colleague, Joab Kirsch , CEO of H2OLL, a company that produces water from air using adsorption technology; to hear about Clariter, Ran Sharon’s company, which produces green sustainable petrochemicals upcycled from plastic waste; and to listen to Gaby (Gabriel) Miodownik the CEO of Netafim, about the opportunities and challenges, and many other innovative ideas and products. And of course, to meet new colleagues Alon Shlesinger, Hagit Halperin and friends ❄️💦🧬.

I was exposed to new concepts such as the blue economy, utilizing the world of the sea and water for our benefit, and other various solutions and strategies for better and more sustainable interaction with nature and the environment. Finally, we concluded with a focused joint discussion at round tables aimed at promoting cooperation between academia and industry, which is so necessary.

So, thank you very much, Ran J. Sharon, for the blessed work, inspiring and spreading good in the world 🙌🏻💜🙏🏻.


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