Finding Inner Peace and Community Support: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Recently, I went on a retreat for myself. A week where I stepped back from daily activities, disconnected from my phone and emails, and took time just for me to go a step deeper towards connecting with myself. The retreat was very powerful. When I returned home, I took a few more days for myself, to let things settle and sink in 🧘‍♀️🧘💗

Yesterday, like everyone else, I woke up to a difficult and sad morning. As part of a schedule set long ago, a community meeting was planned, led by the lovely Limor Poran. It was clear to me that the meeting would take place. But then a message came from Limor, saying that the situation was tough and the energies were heavy, and she asked if the meeting would proceed as planned. Without hesitation, I said yes. I agreed with every word she said, but I felt that this was exactly the time to be together, to connect, to hug, to recharge, and to increase the light 🧡💛❤️

Limor, of course, immediately agreed, and conducted an experiential and magical session on “shuffling the cards again” 🎴🃏, a meeting that dealt with post-traumatic growth and provided practical tools for coping and growth.

During the meeting, we worked with Osho cards, each person received a card, and I got the “Tuning in” card. I shared with the group that this card resonated deeply with me. It echoed my powerful experience during the retreat week, of connecting inwardly, deeper to myself, and it especially reminded me of the morning of the second day 🌺🌸

On the second morning of the retreat, before starting the group activity, I meditated, and felt immense excitement and gratitude for not giving up on myself. For not giving up on my desire to connect more deeply with my heart, my softness, my being, and just to surrender and be with what is, despite all the fears and anxieties of the ego about dying and disappearing.

The community meeting ended, and the community members were deeply grateful for the magical and fulfilling meeting we had. After the meeting, Limor thanked me for not giving up on her, for not giving up on the meeting. And what I came to understand and say is that when I don’t give up on myself, I don’t give up on anyone who wants it 🙌🏻💕

This proves to me time and again that everything starts within us, and the deeper we connect with ourselves in love, compassion, gentleness, and acceptance, the more we can be there for others, not giving up on them, for them, for all of us. Even if sometimes it’s scary and hard, we need to find within us the strength and courage to take the next step.

And for me, I just want to say thank you 💜🙏🏻. Thank you to all the wonderful community members who didn’t give up and came despite the difficult and painful day, to be together, to strengthen, to be strengthened, and to increase the light and love ❤️🙌🏻. Thank you to Limor for a connecting, strengthening, and inspiring meeting 🙏🏻🧡


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