Another MBL Retreat in Napa Valley has Come to an End

Another MBL retreat reached its end.
A retreat is an opportunity to pause, be present, and connect ❤️
I am grateful to a great group of women who chose to retreat, pause, reflect, and connect.

Retreat’s Benefits

● Refresh and relax your mind to discover new perspectives.
● Uncover new things about yourself and your direction.
● Improve your productivity by stepping back from the bustle of day to day life.
● Communicate better with yourself and others.
● Increase your state of flow, leading to greater flexibility, creativity and innovation.

The retreat will enable you to take a break from your busy day to day life. Pause, gather your thoughts, and look inwards to deepen your connection and communication within yourself and with those around you. During this retreat, we will practice various meditation methods and means of communication.


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