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Happy to share an episode… I was a guest of Arash Farzaneh and spoke about mindful leadership, presence, and trust. You are invited to listen!


by Arash

In this episode, I have the great pleasure to talk with Dr. Keren Tsuk, Speaker, Consultant, Thought Leader, and Author of Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today’s Leaders.

Keren explains that mindfulness is a crucial element that we need to embrace as leaders and individuals and that this could help leaders in leading financially successful organizations while also motivating the employees for meaningfulness and intrinsic motivation.

We also discuss how to respond mindfully to stressful and uncertain moments and situations, the importance of finding the right work-life balance, and of creating a safe and comfortable workplace and environment for everyone. Communication, especially in this day and age, is of great importance and can help nourish trust and respect across the board and create a sense of community.

Finally, leaders need to foster, promote and encourage autonomy/self-management over control and micromanagement and implement what Keren calls “dialogue space” in order to listen to different and diverse voices and to allow for creativity, which would then lead to relationships based on trust and partnership built around a growth mindset.


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