Being a Guest on Women Thriving in Business Podcast with Nikki Rogers

In an uncertain economy and a seismic shift in ways of working, organizations are feeling the impact of the great resignation and “quiet quitting,” while individuals are reporting unprecedented rates of burnout. As leaders, how can we transform the workplace for the better?

How do we create better workplaces where employees feel seen, heard, connected, engaged, and fulfilled? Where their purpose and passions are acknowledged and supported? 

In this episode, Keren Tsuk,  keynote speaker, consultant, and a thought leader in 21st-century leadership, shares that mindfulness is the key to transforming the workplace into a better space. She explains that mindfulness not only means to be fully present in the moment but also refers to being aware of the experiences we are going through.

Listen to Episode 803 to learn more about mindful leadership!

Read more and listen to the episode https://lnkd.in/eACQgHpT


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