Facilitating a Mindfulness Based Leadership Course to Cal Management Team

What a great joy it is that more and more organizations understand that the world is changing and it’s about time to adopt new leadership practices . Mindful leadership challenges our ability to better listen to ourselves, our employees, and our customer’s needs. It creates better services and products and leads our companies to the cutting edge. We reached the end of the MBL course with Cal Management Team with great success and we look forward to continue on to another course and implementation.

Cal believes that Innovation and Technology are important key success factors in the changing landscape of the Banking and Financial Services industry, as well as in many other aspects of our lives. Cal’s approach is that innovation and technology have to serve the business, and not vice versa, i.e. shall eventually provide real value to the customer. Under this approach, Cal has been investing a lot in developing digital solutions, in order to help its customer to get whatever they need, and to get it quickly, personalized, anytime and anywhere. Within the last few years Cal has launched several award winning digital solutions, some are based on self-developments where others have been implemented via cooperation with 3rd party technology vendors, startups and entrepreneurs. Cal strongly believes in Open Innovation and is constantly seeking for new ideas, technologies and collaborations, to enable us to fulfil our vision and our customer centric approach.


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