Mindfulness Based Leadership, Napa Valley, California

I am excited to share that the next retreat will take place at Napa Valley, California, on the 22-24 of Mar!

I am happy to share an experience from a participant in the retreat:

“Mindfulness Based Leadership Retreat caught me during my most significant personal and professional milestone of my life. I attended the retreat with clear personal objectives:

A) Learn fresh new leadership methods

B) Increase Self Conscious

C) Empower my future decision making process

The retreat workshop addressed my objectives and beyond. Keren is a fantastic professional and human workshop leader. The curriculum and the agenda have the right mix of practice study and multi- methods exercise.

I highly recommend investing the time and upgrading yourself to a better version of yourself”.

Alon Klomek, Chief Business Officer, Cellebrite (retired)

For more information and registration: https://wisdomtolead.co/retreat-california/


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