Episode 51: Leading Transparently and Authentically with Lisa Morton
Mind Your Leadership
Mind Your Leadership
Episode 51: Leading Transparently and Authentically with Lisa Morton

In this episode, I will speak with Lisa Morton

Lisa is the CEO and founder of Roland Dransfield, one of the most established communications agencies in Manchester, England. 

For the last 24 years, Lisa and her team worked to create meaningful, lasting business relationships that create both business growth and social impact. Lisa’s commitment to purpose-driven work is exemplified by Roland Dransfield’s “We Built This City” podcast, a podcast series which hears from Mancunians (a native or inhabitant of Manchester) who put the heart into Greater Manchester.

In this episode we will speak about how leaders and businesses communicate their values in a transparent and authentic way, and why it’s so crucial. Why is it important to implement transparent communication and what does it mean? What are the other mistakes we’re making as leaders and individuals in communication?


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