Reflections from the Happiness WOHASU® Conference 2024
Happiness WOHASU ® conference

I Had an amazing time at the Happiness WOHASU ® conference! This year’s theme of finding purpose and well-being was truly inspiring ❣️ I had the privilege of co-facilitating a discussion on the meaning of purpose in our lives and what drives us each day.

In today’s organizational landscape, conscious leadership is key 🧹 , focusing on connecting to a higher purpose and embracing the PPP model: People, Planet, Profit. Businesses that prioritize their people, customers, and community over profit alone are paving the way for a new paradigm.

As Raj Sisodia emphasized, conscious businesses operate from a place of self-expression and love, valuing a broader perspective over mere profit. The results speak for themselves, with these companies seeing a remarkable 9:1 return on investment to shareholders. The energy and love at the conference were palpable, serving as a powerful reminder that happiness in the workplace is about enjoyment, satisfaction, and meaning 🧡💛💗

Let’s keep creating workplaces where employees are engaged, aligned with company values, and fulfilled – it’s not just good for them; it’s great for business!  ⭐ 🌟✨ 💜


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