Episode 52: Supporting Entrepreneurs by Coaching with Rotem Kazir
Mind Your Leadership
Mind Your Leadership
Episode 52: Supporting Entrepreneurs by Coaching with Rotem Kazir

In this episode, I will speak with Rotem Kazir.

Rotem, an entrepreneur coach, is helping tech founders keep their focus and wellbeing while riding the rollercoaster of the startup journey.

As a former senior HR executive and consultant at some very successful startups (and also some unsuccessful ones), Rotem has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, working very closely with Co-founders and executive teams, experiencing both the joys of success and the hard blows of failure.

When Covid hit in 2020, the new reality steered her into using her coaching skills with the CEOs, and together they discovered the incredible impact of Satya coaching on the performance and mental wellbeing of founders.

In this episode we will differentiate between consulting and coaching, talk about the importance of vulnerability and to what extent, learn how to practice freedom and establish the importance of the entrepreneur’s need for emotional support.


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