Speaking About Wise Leadership On School For Startups Radio

It was a great pleasure to be a guest of Jim Beach and speak on School for Startups Radio about wise leadership. You are invited to listen! Click here.

School For Startups is a fully authoritative training & education center, which teaches people how to start a business. Our guiding philosophy is that you can use low-risk entrepreneurship to start and run a business. We teach that you don’t have to get a second mortgage or jeopardize your savings to start your business. The school uses online video modules combined with transcripts, readings lists, and other additional videos to provide a compressive training to start your business. Jim Beach and Chris Hanks, leading faculty of The School For Startups, have trained over 7,000 entrepreneurs, created over 14 companies in 7 countries, raised over $8 Million in Angel and Venture Capital Funds, and taught MBA classes for a 16 years combined.


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