Talking about Mindful Leadership at JoyTunes

It was enjoyable to talk at JoyTunes about managing ourselves in these hectic times. And to practice meditation and the ability to pause and reflect, with such great creative and enthusiastic people.

Simply’s (formerly JoyTunes) mission is to spark joy and creativity in every home around the world, empowering people to start, learn and fall in love with new creative hobbies. Our top-grossing apps Simply Piano, Simply Guitar, Simply Tune and the recently launched Simply Sing, put us on the fast track to building the world’s largest global consumer subscription business for creative hobbies in music & beyond. With over a million monthly downloads and hundreds of thousands of daily learners around the world, we’re reinventing the way we spend our free time at home, flying solo and together as a family. Whether it’s hosting a tech ‘Battle of the bands’, shooting a commercial at our in-house studio, or running a drawing workshop to gain insights for a new app – the combination of creativity and get-things-done attitude makes for a fun, dynamic, and surprising environment. That’s why we won the ‘Best Start-up to Work For’ award!


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