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It was a great pleasure to be a guest of Alicia Dunams on her podcast Authoring Life and speak about the process of writing the book and how we could do everything together when we are present with our humanity. You are invited to listen!


Transcript by Alicia:
Mindful Leadership With Dr. Keren Tsuk

I’m very excited to announce our next guest. Her name is Keren Tsuk, PhD. She is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and thought leader in 21st century leadership. Keren is the Founder of consulting firm Wisdom to Lead. She specializes in the development of senior management teams and corporate leadership. She guides companies and senior management teams to reach their fullest potential using various techniques in the field of mindfulness. It’s so important. In her book, Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today’s Leaders, she seeks to revolutionize the process by which leaders manage their organizations and people. Keren, it’s so great to have you here.

Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure. I’m looking forward to our conversation.

I’m looking forward to jumping in because what you are doing is bringing mindfulness principles to organizations, management and teams. Before we even get started, I would love to ask you the question, Keren, why did you write a book?

My story began when I started being a consultant and working with the corporate world and organizations. I always felt that something was missing. I felt a little bit abused of the employees and felt that they were not being seen. Something was missing for me in the corporate and business world. I decided to conduct research about the new leadership. My leading question is, “What is the role of leaders nowadays in leading financially successful organizations, alongside motivating their employees for meaningfulness intrinsic motivation to enable them to fulfill themselves to be creative and for the organization to be innovative?”

I found that mindfulness is a crucial element. I understood that I was going to convert the PhD into a book because my vision is I have a dream that the organization will be a platform for humanity development. It will embrace the PPP paradigm, the new paradigm of People, Planet, Profit. It enables the employees to flow with the community and will serve the community and the employees. This is my story. I was attending a Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. I remember that when I decided to write this book, my Zen teacher told me, “Take your hard copy PhD and go find a publisher.”

I decided that I’m going to take the hardcover of 300 pages PhD in my suitcase to put my intention for the book. It was a funny story because, at the end of the conference, which was interesting about the new leadership, the facilitator told us, “Divide into pairs and do an exercise.” What amazed me was that the woman sitting next to me was an editor who converted PhD into books. I understood it was about time to do it, and this gave me the trigger to continue.

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