Guest on Sheventures Podcast
Guest on Sheventures Podcast

Tune in now to my insightful conversation with Doria Lavagnino, on her Podcast Sheventures.

Listen now to Keren Tsuk, Ph.D., as she lays out a framework for mindfulness in the workplace and in your daily life — and shares tips from her 20-year career as an international teacher, consultant, entrepreneur, and author, on this episode of SheVentures.

As the founder of Wisdom To Lead Tsuk works with global giants like Google and Bayer to transform workplaces through mindfulness practice.

In this episode, Tsuk explains

how mindfulness helps with employee satisfaction and engagement

why mindful workplaces have less employee churn

the framework and practical strategies for any size business to get started today

how meditation is personal for her

Where you can find her business and her book Mindfully Wise Leadership.

How can you start to foster a culture of connection in your personal and professional lives? Listen to Tsuk describe her why and the science and success behind her techniques.

🎧 Tune in now to discover the transformative power of mindfulness in leadership https://li.sten.to/sheventures.


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