Episode 55: Increasing Resilience with Gali Bloch Liran
Mind Your Leadership
Mind Your Leadership
Episode 55: Increasing Resilience with Gali Bloch Liran

In this episode I will speak with Gali Bloch Liran.

Gali is the Founder & CEO of The Human Founder – Leadership & Performance Executive Coaching Firm for Entrepreneurs, Startups & VCsm where she focuses on developing the fundamental mindsets and practices which build sustainable and resilient entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Gali has over 15 years of professional experience in law, strategy, business psychology, business development, management and marketing in multinational companies & startups both in Israel and abroad.

She is also the host & producer of The Human Founder Podcast, discussing the mental aspects of the entrepreneurial journey, where she hosts leading tech CEOs & investors, for a behind-the-scenes conversation. Follow Gali’s Podcast here: https://www.galiblochliran.com/thehumanfounderpodcast

In this episode we will speak about the main challenges of entrepreneurs and leaders in scaling in growing the businesses and which mindset they need to adopt in order to succeed and increase their resilience.


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