Reflecting on the Mindful Leader Conference: A Journey Towards Conscious Leadership and Self-Love
Reflecting on the Mindful Leader Conference: A Journey Towards Conscious Leadership

Thank you for theย Mindful Leaderย inspiring conference ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป.
It was a great pleasure meeting like-minded people who share the same great goal of increasing awareness and mindfulness among leaders and organizations, making the world a better place, and creating humane workplaces filled with compassion and love.

Thank you for the opportunity to explore, discuss, and present how we can build conscious teams that transition from a survival mode to a thriving state, from ‘Me’ to ‘We.’ How can we foster teams that successfully connect to a greater purpose, collaborate, and enable new wisdom and creative solutions to emerge.

I was deeply moved to tears hearing Raj Sisodia‘s presentation, where he discussed his new book, ‘Awakening.’ In his talk, he shared his new book and awakening journey, emphasizing the importance of self-love, self-choice, self-expression, self-acceptance, and healing our traumas as leaders. His presentation brought forth an authentic, emotional, and transformative story of his journey toward wholeness and self-love. It deeply touched me and inspired my second book, which I’ve started writing about my awareness journey.

It was joyful to hear how Peter Bostelmann‘s vision, which began ten years ago at SAP, has become an integral part of SAP’s culture and has grown beyond all expectations. Seeing how one person’s vision and passion create such a ripple effect in the world is exciting.

Thank you toย Mo Edjlaliย for creating the space and opportunity. Thank you for a conference that provided a space for recharging, inspiration, enrichment, and continued learning. I appreciate meeting new friends and colleagues.


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