Shifting the Great Resignation: Building Community in the Workplace

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Shifting the Great Resignation: Building Community in the Workplace

Workplaces are phasing out of the transformation that started during the pandemic. We’re all searching for new ways forward so that we can create innovative and engaging workplaces in today’s new normal.

A March 2021 Microsoft study revealed that high productivity is masking an exhausted workforce. Over 40 percent of global employees are considering leaving their employer this year, a trend we’re seeing called the Great Resignation in the media. Nearly one in five survey respondents say their employer doesn’t care about their work-life balance. Furthermore, 45 percent feel overworked, and 39 percent feel exhausted. This means that a thoughtful approach to hybrid work will be critical for attracting and retaining diverse talent.

So, what can leaders and managers do differently in their workplaces to attract talented people? Moreover, not only attract them but also retain them over the long term? The crucial element employees are searching for nowadays in the workplace is finding meaning in their day-to-day job. How can leaders and managers in the corporate world support this?

Creating meaning evolves through connections and creating a sense of community in the workplace. Crucially, meaning can emerge through feelings of partnership that allow people to feel connected to something greater than themselves, offering a sense of self-transcendence through their work.

Mindful leaders are essential in creating a sense of belonging and meaning in the workplace.

How does this happen?

Let people be part of the solution.

An essential part of employees’ connection is contributing to the decision-making process and understanding that their voices count. If you want to redesign your work environment, ask employees to be part of the design project. This way, they will put their mark on your space and impact their own working environment. This partnership will enable the employees to feel connected and engaged in the company.

Create spaces for a deeper connection.

Invest time and effort in creating events that enable employees to connect deeper than beyond the work itself. Informal meetings, in which time is dedicated for small talk or when someone brings in treats or shares a personal success, can lead to bonding. Lunches can be scheduled with new employees and the CEO. You can create time for people to share information about their hobbies or pastimes, enabling deeper acquaintance and connection on a personal level.

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