Being a Guest on Hire & Empower Podcast with Molly Mc Grath

πŸ‘ “You can hold tensions and create a culture that enables a flow experience at the same time.” πŸ‘

Listen πŸ‘‚ to hear that and more to find out the SECRETS πŸ” about today’s LEADERS πŸ‘‘. Today’s guest is an expert in leadership, having written the book “Mindfully Wise Leadership” as well as the host of the “Mind Your Leadership” podcast.Β Dr. Keren TsukΒ is the CEO & Founder ofΒ Wisdom To Lead. Listen to Dr. Tsuk as she talks about leadership.

⭐ As a leader, it’s ok to pause for a minute. Even if it is doing yoga for 3 minutes between meetings, it helps to clear your mind.
⭐ Go through the company and find time to speak with your employees and greet them.
⭐ It’s important to be present in your company. You need to show up and make it known that you care about your company and culture and then others will too.

You can listen to Keren’s episode here: https://lnkd.in/erPVkZP9


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