Surrender is a Powerful Word
practice 'surrendering' and being present

To surrender? What resonates within you when you hear it?

In the current context, it is a word that carries a powerful meaning. In a wartime situation, it means to either persevere or yield. However, I want to take the concept beyond the battlefield into the realm of action.

Surrender is a powerful word that came up in a recent encounter with a new friend I met on my journey 😊. In our meeting, I tried to understand what I needed to do to increase the manifestation of my calling to take it to the next level, and to make that desired leap. And he echoed the word to me – surrender – inviting me to practice its meaning.

So, what does it mean to surrender? In Buddhism and mindfulness, it is about the ability to be accepting, to let go of how we want things to be, and to embrace the present moment exactly as it is. It is about releasing attachment to the familiar and being fully present with acceptance, curiosity, acceptance, and openness.

Then the question arises: What is the proper movement? How much should you be active, and how much should you release and allow? What is the right balance?

For me, the ability to let go and accept connects with the need to surrender completely, with complete trust – in myself, in the process, in what captures my attention, all through observation, curiosity, and openness. Not an easy place for me to be 🙂

In my worldview, there is a need to maintain the tension between doing and being. It’s the ability to be active in a doing mode alongside the ability to be in a state of being. This means stopping, reflecting, listening deeply, and allowing space for what comes next. It implies the ability to set an intention be attentive, curious, and open to its realization.

So, what does it mean practically? Do I have control, or do I not have control over what happens? Do I need to accept everything that happens to me in complete surrender? In full passivity?
This is where presence, acceptance, and deep listening appear.

For example, if I find myself in a situation that doesn’t feel good, whether in personal relationships, at work, or in any situation that requires my attention, do I truly give it the attention it deserves? Do I allow all feelings to be present without shutting them down?

The ability to surrender, to accept those feelings and emotions that a connection or situation evokes in me, allowing them space and understanding what they stir within me, enables me to make more precise decisions. Clarity emerges about what’s next through surrender, acceptance, and total presence.

This will allow us to navigate life from a place of surrender and acceptance toward the fulfillment of intention toward what comes next.

Finding the space for surrender and being is not simple at all. Being in the space of deep listening, emptiness, surrender, and acceptance is a meaningful practice for me, allowing me to make the next leap each time.

What challenges you to practice ‘surrender’ and presence?


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