Webinar: Leadership & Creativity in Times of Crisis – The Mindful Approach

Leadership and creativity are connected to each other and in these challenging times are being put to the test. How can we develop both of them? How do we nourish our inner abilities in the face of this new reality? How being present and mindful enhances both our leadership and creativity? I am happy to be invited by Firma the brandhouse and to co-host a two-part webinar with Elad Mishan, the creative manager at Firma on the theme of leadership and creativity based on presence and mindfulness. Part one will take place on the 03-Jun at 18:00; Part two will take place on the 10-Jun at 18:00.

The webinar will be on zoom, for registration https://www.facebook.com/events/241893647115898/

Dr.Keren Tsuk


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