Episode 68: How to Talk to Your Enemies with Alicia Dunams
Mind Your Leadership
Mind Your Leadership
Episode 68: How to Talk to Your Enemies with Alicia Dunams

Tune in for a conversation on the crucial role of communication in achieving our goals, fostering better relationships, and unlocking better outcomes. Don’t miss this enlightening episode with Alicia Dunams!

Alicia Dunams is a versatile professional with a transformative impact in the fields of corporate leadership speaking, executive coaching, certified peacemaking, and mediation. She also serves as a board member for a Restorative Justice non-profit organization. Alicia’s expertise lies in the power of healthy conversations and storytelling, which she employs as a bridge to overcome conflicts in various settings.

Alicia’s influence extends beyond workshops and speaking engagements. Her book, “I Get To: How Using the Right Words Can Radically Transform Your Life, Relationships & Business,” empowers readers and leaders of all backgrounds to harness the power of intentional communication for transformational results. Additionally, her book, “How to Talk to Your Enemies,” offers invaluable insights on navigating difficult conversations and bridging divides.


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