Episode 69: How to Tap into Our Creativity with Doug Patton
Mind Your Leadership
Mind Your Leadership
Episode 69: How to Tap into Our Creativity with Doug Patton

In this captivating episode of “Mind Your Leadership,” we delve into the remarkable journey of Doug Patton, Founder and CEO of Patton Design, who has harnessed the power of his inner creativity to achieve unprecedented success across multiple domains. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped to embark on your own creative exploration.

Throughout the past three decades, Doug has created over 300 products in 40 different international market categories. He has worked closely with several Fortune 500 CEOs, offering visionary concepts, strategies, and innovative products for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Disney, IBM, and more. Additionally, Doug had the opportunity to be a featured contestant on ABC-TV’s “American Inventor,” a show produced by Simon Cowell.

Be sure to grab a copy of Doug’s new book, “Inspirations of Creativity: Quotes from Conquering the Chaos of Creativity” and join the movement to embrace your creative potential today. Whether you’re leading a team, managing a business, or striving for personal growth, Doug Patton’s insights are sure to illuminate your path to unlocking your inner creativity.

Main Points

  • Doug Patton, founder of Python Design and a seasoned innovator, has created over 300 products for renowned companies.
  • Doug’s impressive career includes collaborations with Fortune 500 CEOs for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Disney, and IBM.
  • His book, “Conquering the Chaos of Creativity,” focuses on creative problem-solving, and he’s releasing a new book of inspirational quotes.
  • The episode delves into tapping into creativity’s innate potential and its role in personal and professional growth.
  • Doug emphasizes that both success and failure are essential parts of the creative journey.
  • He shares a powerful story of introducing a groundbreaking surgical invention that faced resistance from the medical community.
  • Doug highlights the importance of being brave and courageous when pursuing creative endeavors.
  • Creativity often challenges the status quo, and acceptance may not come immediately.
  • The episode encourages listeners to embrace their values and persevere in their creative pursuits.
  • Creativity often faces resistance, and this resistance is an indicator that the idea is truly innovative and impactful.
  • Doug shares an example of an immediately accepted product, a faux flame candle, which looked like a real flame and became a success.
  • Doug also discusses the layers of innovation, from small changes to disruptive innovations, highlighting that courage is necessary at every level.
  • The conversation emphasizes that large corporations tend to resist innovation initially and replicate successful ideas once proven, which is a common pattern in the creative process.
  • Doug reflects on his experiences designing products for Apple and other companies, underscoring the challenges and risks involved in pushing creative boundaries.
  • Creativity often involves simplifying complex ideas or concepts, and this simplicity can be a powerful form of innovation.
  • Being a courageous and mindful leader involves tapping into one’s inner sense and listening deeply to oneself and others to foster transformative ideas.
  • Doug highlights that his book is a synopsis of how his brain works, emphasizing that creativity involves connecting the intellect, emotion, and spirit.
  • He describes his creative construct, a free and language-independent space he uses for innovation.
  • Doug encourages people to explore their innate creativity and imagination, which are often neglected in traditional education.
  • He draws parallels between his creative construct and the untapped potential of the human mind, comparing it to supercomputing capabilities.
  • In this portion of the conversation, Doug Patton and Keren Tsuk discuss strategies and techniques to cultivate creativity in everyday life and work. Here are the key points:
  • Creativity is often driven by passion, and individuals should tap into their inner motivations to spark creativity.
  • Meditation and mindfulness can be effective tools for opening the mind to new ideas and connections.
  • Journaling is another method to encourage creativity by allowing thoughts and ideas to flow without judgment.
  • Embarking on a journey of creativity involves exploring, meeting different people, and listening to various voices and ideas.
  • Creativity requires time, patience, and space, and individuals should respect the creative process.
  • Connecting with others who are creative can be inspiring and help individuals discover their own passions and creativity.
  • The process of creativity may involve challenges, but it’s essential to stay committed and open-minded.
  • The conversation ends with a story about frogs in a well, emphasizing the importance of choosing who to listen to during the creative journey.
  • Doug Patton’s book, “Conquering the Chaos of Creativity,” can be found on Amazon or his website, patentdesign.com.
  • This discussion highlights the importance of fostering creativity, trusting the process, and believing in oneself.


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